Christmas Eve 2016 book haul

I’ve still got an unfinished post about my book haul for 2016. But. I just couldn’t resist sharing about my Christmas Eve book haul.

Yup! Living in a desert town, it’s a treat whenever I get to wander inside a bookstore in the city. Mostly, we’re hurrying to get to medical/dental appointments on time and finding an eating spot to satisfy my sons’ hunger.

So. When a visit to the largest bookstore in the UAE occurred days before Christmas, ah! I was in seventh heaven. At least, I should have been – had my children not come with me. As it was, it was quite frustrating having to check on the whereabouts of my daughter and son while browsing books and – this episode always comes to mind whenever I feel frustrated at not having spent enough time inside a bookstore – I was reminded of a time in my singlehood when I invited an officemate to accompany me to National Bookstore. I’d just settled into a long and leisurely look at the shelves when he appeared and declared that he  was ready to exit (I thought he was a reader because he’d lent me Barbarians at the Gate). Ack! Frustration always gets me down.

Anyway, the first time I entered Kinokuniya, the hubby called after a few minutes to say that friends had arrived at our hotel room. I consoled myself by saying that there’s still time over the next two days to visit again. The second time, well … I just couldn’t shake off the feeling that my daughter might get lost or be picked up by a stranger inside the biggest bookstore inside the largest mall in the UAE … you know what I mean, right?

Sigh. It was tough, trying to decide what to buy and what not to purchase when a smorgasbord of books on your wishlist is spread before you. I wanted to buy The Illustrated Rumi so much but decided not to because … well, I was already over budget. Still, by keeping in mind that there are many classics that my kids have not yet been exposed to, I managed to pare down my basket. Below is my book haul for Christmas 2016.


The Harry Potter book was requested by my second son while the Halo book was requested by my youngest son. David Walliams’ Gangster Granny is already on its way here but I could not resist buying his Mr. Stink after reading the storyline at the back of the book. Meanwhile, I enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers so much, I could not help picking up his Blink even though I’d just bought his David and Goliath.


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