Still I cook

A blogger I follow has beaten me to a review of Jonas Jonasson’s Hitman Anders. So. I will just post about the meals I have been preparing for the past month.


Chopped and cooked these veggies for our breakfast yesterday


Finally fried the last of the bacons we bought in Germany last August


Don’t they look tempting?

Truth is, I have been detesting my role as cook. If there’s one hat that I want to fling away, it’s the chef’s. With my kids now in vacay mode, being chained to the kitchen preparing meals has started to grate on my nerves. I dunno. Could it be related to that midlife event starting with the letter M? Maybe. Maybe not.


When imagination is far away and the health-conscious kids are demanding vegetables, there’s always Knorr soup to the rescue! Yep, I sometimes use soup mixes with MSG even though the hubby’s system cannot tolerate it – just to make veggies palatable to yours truly (the older kids have no problem). Except for the pechay leaves, you can’t see what I tossed in this photo but look below …


That’s sea bass fried in onions and oyster sauce. It’s the second time we ate sea bass (knowingly, duh!) First time was when I bought it unknowingly at the fish market and tossed it into a sinigang soup to make a quickie dinner.

Someday, I swear, I’ll compose verses along the likes of Maya Angelou’s famous poem. Right now, though, I can’t. Because. Still I cook.


Those quail eggs came from our backyard farm. This dish, btw, was finished in one sitting.


The hubby got sick this November so I prepared tinola – aka as chicken soup – several times this month.



I’m so thankful that my kids eat veggies plainly cooked. These were not steamed – they were simply tossed into the Saladmaster and taken out when its vapo-valve system “chimes” to signal that the food is cooked.


Before I slacked off (and before the hubby got sick) earlier this month: apple-carrot juiced in the Vitamix (on the left), coriander salad, carrot and cucumber sticks, fried tofu and lamb chops cooked in the pressure cooker


The lamb chops inside the pressure cooker, they smelled divine!


And now for dessert … or diet fare


Felt lazy to come up with blueberry cheesecake (why does it get eaten so quickly?) and so I just mixed these with the yogurt and jam above instead of buying those small fruit-flavored yogurts in the grocery. Thanks to Jamie Oliver for this one!


The end result (and the yogurt was already two weeks expired!)



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