While we were eating …


My daughter made the crust while I prepared the filling. The blueberries, which were bought at Lulu, came from Peru.

So. I rarely invite folks for dinner nowadays. There’s simply too much cooking to be done for the boys. Period.

But. There we were, the hubby asking our visitors to taste his bread (he’s been experimenting with all sorts of bread recipes and flour) and me biting my tongue from saying that it will be hard for anyone in our town to replicate it because the flour is one that is not available in Lulu (methinks it’s spelt but am not sure – have to Google translate first).


“What do you use to knead dough?”

Twas a good thing they asked. Because. The hubby pointed to my pink Kitchen Aid which I’d used for the first time since it arrived several months ago to make blueberry cheesecake. Which at the moment was inside the freezer and which I promptly brought out.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I muttered “Not this time!”


Because I can’t count anymore the number of times that I’ve forgotten to bring out a dish for visitors. There was the time, maybe ten years ago, when my friends had a feast cutting up the four chicken left roasting in the oven which I only recalled when they took their leave. Then there’s the baked potato and bacon casserole that I only took out of the oven after the guests to our anniversary party had gone. The cole slaw in the fridge that I only remembered when I took out the chocolate mousse desert that our guests had brought and which I sent home with them during a despedida dinner.

It comes with age, yes? Being forgetful, that is.

In any case, I did not forget to take photos in remembrance of a despedida dinner in honor of a couple soon to part – the husband is going home after he was made redundant during the first wave of retrenchments a few months ago while the wife will stay on with her job at a utilities firm. It was definitely a night to remember as we talked about parenting, being a Christian, expat life and raising third-culture kids.


How to prepare a healthy dinner when one is under time pressure? Fry salmon and cook veggies in the Saladmaster!  I swear, having the Saladmaster enables me to cook on the fly while cleaning the house for visitors.


The bacon bits are chicken, not pork, so it’s healthier. Ha, ha, truth is – pork is not readily available here and getting replacements that taste like pork is hit and miss. These chicken bacon do taste like the real thing. 


Blueberry cheesecake, anyone? I’ll throw in coffee and conversation …





    1. Aw, never thought people will read my blog posts … should have posted more pics! Thanks for commenting! Miss you sitting across the dinner table in my yellow kitchen.



  1. LOL! I NEVER forget food! One time, my aunt in Germany, while we were visiting, made a wonderful plum cake. She served it up, and then I never saw it again. Even though I knew there was a lot left! I felt bad to ask for it, wondering if she was saving it for something else. On the day we left, she went to her basement, and said, “Oh, no! I forgot the plum cake!” Agh. I was so disappointed I hadn’t said something. I loved that plum cake. :-)—Terri

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    1. Hi Terri ! I have yet to taste plum cake … cakes are something I gave up trying to master when I started HSing. Hope your family reunion was not too stressful … there’s still Christmas and the New Year!



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