January eat-outs

Another reason why I was unable to finish a book in January was because there were just so many invitations to eat out! And. I could. Not. Refuse opportunities to bond with friends How could I refuse the Boodle Fight of two kindred mates who were celebrating their wedding anniversary? How could I refuse the end-of-service treat of the friend who rebonds my hair, a soul so honest she actually tells me “You’re ugly without make-up!”

Below, are the pics to prove that this humble homebody who usually goes for months without a party invite did indeed, begin to have a … er, what my husband calls “a social life.”

1  Boodle Fest (sarap!!)

2  Floating Restaurant dinner (I’d actually turned down this invite)

3  end-of-service treat at The Rec

4  eldest son’s birthday lunch at Texas Roadhouse, Yas Mall

5  neighbor’s birthday (sorry, no pictures)
6  daughter’s birthday dinner at The Rec (camel meat … yummy!!)

7  promo dinner at Danat Hotel (the whole dinner cost $40; sirloin steak was better than the one I ordered at Texas Roadhouse)

Sigh! January was so exhausting … right now, am feeling thankful because all these opportunities to binge on food has not swollen my waistline. Yup, I actually have the problem of having to shop for smaller-sized clothes after shopping for larger-sized clothes last year. Which leads me to think that such an opportunity for retail therapy should not be wasted, especially now that Valentine’s Day is so near …


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