So. Miuccia Prada has opened a museum in Milan, following in the footsteps of LV’s Bernard Arnault who opened his gift to France in October 2014. It would be nice to visit except for the fact that Milan is expensive right now because of Expo 2015 that is currently hosted by the fashion capital of Italy. Plus the hubby’s contention that places I wish to visit as a tourist suddenly get embroiled in war: Lebanon in 2006. Egypt in early 2011. Syria in 2011. London in 2012.  Remember the riots in 2011? That’s when I mentioned  to the hubby how lovely it would be to visit London for the Olympics.

Sigh. At least we won’t be kept from returning home for six years. Yup. That’s how long we’re not going to return home should Binay win the presidency. But with Binay’s assets frozen ….

The hubby declared “Mga anak, may pag-asa pa kayo!” after our bedtime prayers. Whereupon my 8yo daughter asked “What’s pag-asa?

Hope,” the hubby replied.

And so I hope. That some day, I’ll be able to visit the world’s art museums and gaze at objects one has read about. Meanwhile, I wait for the Louvre Abu Dhabi to open …

Note: This post was written five months ago. 


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