Dining at the Ritz-Carlton


View of the Grand Mosque from the lobby

Truly, God is so good! That was all I could think of after yours truly had another honeymoon staycation in the city courtesy of the hubby’s company.

All in all, it was a much welcome respite even though it was again detrimental to my waistline. I mean, who can resist an eat-all-you-can buffet that features wagyu beef, crab claws that look like they’re part of the Deadliest Catch and ginormous shrimps? Can you? I sure couldn’t, what with my fondness for all things that come from the sea especially when there was an  (alcoholic!) welcome drink on the house …


Seafood delight on our first night

Breakfast was, well, just like other hotel breakfasts with the usual foul meddamas, baked potatoes, and vegetables … Like most hotels catering to Asians (think Chinese and Japanese not Filipinos), there was a dimsum offering plus the usual congee or porridge and the condiments and garnishings for it. Years ago, I would have been excited to find dimsum baskets but experience has  tempered my mouth-watering glands.


Wagyu beef with asparagus

What I’ve noticed is that most five-star hotels here in the UAE cannot do dimsum properly. I don’t know … maybe because they’ve got to serve halal food, pork is left out, or because the chef is not really Asian? They just. Can’t.


Giornotte is the only restaurant I know that gives patrons a glassful of tableware so that they won’t have to ask for a new spoon or fork when their used dishes are taken away

 Just to be sure, we tried the two types of chicken siomai and the siopao and both were just so, so. The bread for the siopao was soft and fluffy, though, even though the stuffing could have been better. By that I mean I could have cooked it better.


Plate of dessert – believe it or not, I finished everything within 30 minutes!

Lunch was again a smorgasbord of food I seldom get to eat; in other words, a delight (maybe taking three days off from my kids has something to do with it – I don’t know). I couldn’t resist getting more than a spoonful of hummus, muhamara and moutabel. All three were the freshest I’ve ever tasted; I once ordered hummus from a fastfood and had LBM for the rest of the day so I’ve become picky about eating it when outside the house.


From right to left at the bottom: hummus, muhamara, moutabel

The lunch buffet also offered cuts of lamb leg with a variety of dips and sauces and yours truly had two cuts with truffle juice – oh my! They were the quite tender yet well done (bearing in mind that we seldom eat lamb because it’s considered maanggo in our house but there was no aftersmell whatsoever) … I so hate meat that isn’t well done.


Hmmm. Perhaps I should stop writing and let the photos do the talking …


The Asian dishes like the spring roll and empanada were so, so …


Had a blast trying to see whether my chopstick-holding skills could make a comeback … of course coconut that is that brown would never be considered fresh back home but abroad, it’s a fashionable drink because it’s not easily available at most restaurants






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