Remembering Martial Law

I know, I know – this is late.

But. I can’t help it. I was a child of a journalist during the Martial Law years. As my sister posted on FB a week ago, we knew the meaning of curfew even as little children because it was the excuse my mother gave us for ushering us inside the house before dusk came. Fortunately for us, my father was not that patriotic. When he lost his job at the Philippines Herald (it was shut down soon after Martial Law was declared), he turned to selling insurance before finding a job in Hongkong and Singapore. The Garden City was where I spent my formative years as a high schooler.

Anyway, here are two links to help us all remember how the Filipinos suffered during the Marcos years. The first is Pete Lacaba’s deposition for the class-action suit against the Marcoses while the second is a Look Back video from the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility.


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