When a good God allows rape (book launch)

It’s Day One of the Manila International Book Fair and once again, I’m not there. Sad, indeed, if you take into account the fact that I haven’t gone to the Manila International Book Fair since grade three some 30 plus years ago.


Thoughts of missing the Manila International Book Fair spurred me to take the kids to the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair this year 

But, there’s a book I so wish to buy. Now I’ve got a long list of books to buy, some titles have actually languished in that list for many years. This book, however, is of high interest to me because it’s the first-ever book published by Joy Mendoza of the blog Teach With Joy about the rape that occured during her teenage years: When a Good God Allows Rape. Published by OMF Literature, Joy says the book is “the first autobiographical account of the tragedy, the events that followed, and God’s hand in all of it.” Read all about it here

Joy currently has a ministry to abused women, aside from homeschooling four kids. She really is an inspiration to many and I was thrilled to know that she has finally published the story of how God moved her forward from tragedy to triumph in so many areas of life that we women sometimes feel doubtful and awful about (looks, relationships, etc.). Now, how to get my hands on her book ….


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