Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive.                                                                                       George Bernard Shaw


This bouquet of flowers was on another table.

This past week was a very busy one for us. First, a friend who’s returning home for a vacation scheduled a treat on Tuesday evening on the understanding that none of us will post photos on Facebook (the ills of being connected while living in a small factory town – one can’t make a move without a photo giving away what one has been up to!)


The salad on the right was delicious! It consisted of mango, avocado and tomato.

Anyway, experiencing fine dining minus the kids was rejuvenating, probably because we – all of us being middle-aged matrons – laughed over nothing and just concentrated on getting full – never mind our diets. We were so full (no thanks to the ample supply of bread while we waited for our order to arrive) after one hour that we had no space for desert.


Cooked to perfection, the baby chicken was succulent and fresh to the tongue (when one is used to cooking frozen roasters, dishes like this taste different)


We wondered what it takes to fry calamares as crispy as these. The fried rolls were so-so but the cheese sticks and cookies were heavenly.

Next, the sibling of a close family friend celebrated her fortieth birthday. Though our family was the only guest, we had so much fun bonding that it was nearly eleven before we went home.


Tasted beef adobo for the very first time in my life!

IMG_1942 IMG_1943

After two days of eating gourmet food, it was back to reality for us on Thursday when we went to the city. Hot and humid, it was but all the eating joints in town were closed due to the observance of Ramadan. We brought sandwiches (Tender Juicy Hotdogs) which we ate inside the car. Still, the heat and humidity – plus our lack of sleep – took its toll on the hubby and I. The poor guy bought more than a liter of water which he downed inside the car while we were shopping inside a mall. Meanwhile, yours truly faced the possibility while inside H&M that one can literally – due to hunger – shop till you drop.


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