This week I’ve been reading …

Well, June 12 has been gone for three days already. And I failed to post another “This week I’ll be reading” write-up because I wanted to write a post in time for the Philippines’ 117th Independence Day but couldn’t due to – what else? – the busyness of having four kids, a hubby who works four twelve-hour days (or nights), a church which meets weekly in our house and homeschooling two children ages eight and eleven. Anyway, I’ve decided to start a “This week I read” column.

Meanwhile, the world being a small place nowadays, it was almost vomit-inducing to read about Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlin if it weren’t a reality show gone awry. His coming out is certainly food for thought (if not fodder for conversation) and I’ve spent precious minutes thinking about Jenner’s reasons for undergoing a surgical procedure at the ripe old age of 65.  Reading How to Preach About Bruce Jenner, one Christian leader’s take on the issue, and the attendant reactions was enlightening, to say the least. Love the sinner, hate the sin suddenly sounds like a horrible cliche. How do you respond with love to someone that the Bible says does not or should not exist? How do you call out a procedure that has been clearly labelled Don’t in a Book that is increasingly at odds with today’s politically correct and tolerant stance towards otherness?

Still, there are news to make one smile. Like the Zabaleen garbage collectors in Cairo, Egypt, and the new medical test than reveals every virus a person has been exposed to in a drop of blood.

Other links:

– another look at the millions (or billions) spent on space research by Monica Grady, Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences at The Open University. Frankly, I never thought of the space research budget as fodder for driving the economy.

– the heart-wrenching story of two mothers who turned in their sons after they allegedly shot and killed a bike-riding teenager. What would you have done in their shoes?

– the loss of Herge’s heirs of the right to Tintin’s copyright in a Dutch court. Sadly, should this reduce the cost of Tintin comics, the news comes late for us. 

Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. Would you believe that a Filipina nurse amassed $31 million in gifts from her childless employer during the latter’s lifetime? Hadassah Peri’s story could well be a Hollywood movie if it weren’t true …

And of course, I just love, love Steve McCurry’s photoessays in his blog! Here’s the latest, Between Darkness and Light.


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