Larry David on Corregidor

I have another blog where I share my musings (by the light of the desert moon) on poetry. But. I simply have to share here an inquisitive poem I’ve just discovered pertaining to Corregidor and the Filipinos who lived years ago during the American Period: Larry David on Corregidor. It is the first poem in the anthology My Favorite Tyrants by Joanne Diaz. I think it should be required reading in our schools if only to foster critical thinking about how the Americans treated the Filipinos during the Commonwealth Period.

Btw, the latter, according to Penman Butch Dalisay, is the only way Filipino writers get to have their works circulated. He noted that “authors are read primarily by students (and maybe because the readings are required) and hardly outside the walls of academia.” A pity, really, when one considers how poetry – in a few short words – can sing to the soul and capture the mind. Meanwhile, I am off to Google Books to peruse Diaz’s poetry. Which. Says Rebecca Hazelton, another young poet I admire, “never seem baggy or shapeless; each one proceeds with seeming effortlessness along a meandering, but carefully planned, trajectory.”


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