The leftover diet the morning after

May 28, 2015

This morning I asked myself: does Superwoman get a hangover after hosting a celebration?


I love shrimp so of course shrimp had to figure in the menu

Because. It’s the morning after our 20th wedding anniversary celebration. And. The hubby is on his fifth 12-hour workday. Whereas I have decided to take the day off to reward myself for a job well done. Not because the party last night was a success (I actually felt it was lifeless at the start – I was so tired from preparing that I had no energy to engage in small talk) but because I’d managed to pull it off – cook, clean the kitchen and prepare the table before the guests arrive without the hubby’s participation.


Lechon kawali: another menu favorite due to its ease of preparation (these are the leftovers)

Of course Superwoman never pats herself on the head – she takes these things in stride. But me, well, sometimes … just sometimes, like when it’s our 20th wedded year in a row, I manage to rise to the occasion. After which I get this overwhelming homesickness for the Philippines … because there I don’t have to pay a maid by the hour (yup, I’m kuripot!) Oh – to have a maid!


My homeschooling buddies actually packed and labelled these before going home

  Ah well … meanwhile, we’re on a leftover diet that is sweetened by cherries from Lebanon …


These are not as tasty as the ones from the US of A but since they’re sold at a fraction of the price of American cherries …


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