This week I’ll be reading ….

When I started this blog, I planned to pen a short post every Friday about the books I’d read or the novels I’d be reading. So today, let me just say that MSF’s 2013 International Activity Report was both a depressing but encouraging read. Depressing because it begged the question Why does Africa suffer so compared to Europe and the Americas? And encouraging because … even though much work remains to be done to address humanitarian crises, small victories are being achieved, eg, Liberia is now Ebola free.

I came away believing that the Philippines is not the worst country in the world. Also, I learned about Chagas disease, obstetric fistulas, the GAVI public-private partnership, and the challenges to MSF’s initiative to vaccinate every child.  Just in case you wish to know about MSF’s activities in the Philippines, here are the news reports on what it is doing sa Pinas.

For the coming week, my companion is Better Homes and Garden’s Kitchen Ideas which finally arrived after yours truly waited and fretted for three long weeks (I never thought that the recently held British elections would have a personal impact but apparently it did; it’s the only explanation I can find for the long delay). Its arrival was quite timely because the hubby has now thrust unto me the task of approving the renovation design of our kitchen in the Philippines by an architect-friend.


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