How Men Are

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worldly Encounters.”

The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?

Sometimes, the Daily Post’s writing prompt leaves one thinking. And thinking. And thinking.

Today, however, was not the case. I’d been pondering the vagaries of life as a middle-aged matron earlier tonigh and so could come up with a song to explain how humans relate to each other: Aztec Camera’s How Men Are. Well, actually, I’d been mulling over the hubby’s stories of the dejected men he’d seen in various malls – men waiting for their lady loves to finish their shopping sprees. Hearing him chortling over other men’s misfortunte (our youngest son had even remarked “If that’s how it’s like to be married, then I’d rather not marry!), I’d wondered how men fail to get that retail therapy recharges women like no other activity can.

Back to How Men Are … Written by Roddy Frame and released in 1987, I feel that the song neatly encapsulates how men and women can never see anything from a similar point of view Hence the spelling out of the word “perspective” and the question “Why should it take the tears of a woman to see how men are?”

It’s called love
And every cruelty will cloud it
And his lie
True love could never allow it
‘Cos it’s a lie that we have ceased to believe
We’ve said good-bye but it won’t take its leave

Why should it take the tears of a woman
To see how men are

P e r s p e c t I v e
It’s no mystery
What you don’t know always gets you
It will hurt you and desert you
So you’d better see
That it’s a damage ever done by degrees
And some will take eternity to believe

Why should it take the tears of a woman
To see how men are

‘Cos love is a giving with no need of return
It lends itself to everything
And maybe someday man will see
That love is a lesson money never taught us to learn
Love is the power to have
Without the premise that there’s nothing for free
And sometimes when we’re just getting by and getting along
It’s like we’re scared to see that something is wrong

Why should it take the tears of a woman
To see how men are

If you’ve got time, listen to the song and hear the truths contained therein. 
Worldly Encounters


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