The hubby arrived promptly at 6:45 am. I was still sleeping but jump out of bed once I hear the doorbell.

Me:   Ouch, I wonder why do my feet feel swollen?
Him: Me, too.
Me:   You, too?
Him: Yeah. What could be the matter?
Me:   (think, think) I know – we ate steak for dinner yesterday!
Both: We’re truly old …

Later …
Him:  I’m four kilos overweight.
Me:    How do you know?
Him:  We’ve got a new weighing machine at the office.
Me:    Huh? How can it measure by how many kilos you’re overweight?
Him:  It’s got a computer attached to it. It gets your height and BMI …
Me:    Oh! You mean you input your height –
Him:  No, you just stand on it and it measures everything.
Me:    (suddenly awake and thinking If the hubby, who cycles 37 km on a single ride up to three times a week, is overweight by four kilos) what about me?
Him:   You? Oh, you’re grossly overweight! (in all seriousness)

Thanks a lot, hubby dearest. My friends all compliment me on how I manage to stay slim-looking while my waistline measurement goes up but you, my love, speak the truth. As always. And so. I eat – for the second day in a row – (what I believe to be) a healthy breakfast so heavy it takes me two sitting-downs to consume everything:


Does it look as yummy as it tastes?

1  5 tablespoons of cereals with 5 tablespoons of yogurt, one banana and a tablespoon of raisins
2  high-protein wheat bread with butter and cheese on top
3  two glasses of home-made soya milk




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