Italy on my mind

I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and honeymoon on the Amalfi coast ever since I watched Angie Dickinson in Jessica more than three decades ago. Although we were colonized by Spain for 333 years, Italians, not Spaniards, seem to be the closest in temperament to Filipinos with their love for family, singing, fashion, etc …

IMG_1530 (2)

The May 7, 2015 report in The Times on the Prada Foundation’s gift to the people of Milan

This year, there’s two more reasons to visit Italy except for the fact that my hubby has been advised by an office colleague whose wife shopped till she dropped “Never take your wife to Italy!” And. When his workmates utter a serious declaration, the hubby listens. So it’s Ciao to La Dolce Vita for yours truly.

In the meantime, I can dream. Of the Prada Foundation’s new museum which opened on May 9, 2015 … And the Venice Biennale where the Philippines has returned after an absence of 51 years (shocking, isn’t it?) …

Here is the official website of the Philippine Art Venice Biennale. And here you may read the answers of national pavilion artists and curators to ArtReview’s 2015 Questionnaire. The Venice Biennale runs until November, 2015. If you’ve got the time and money (who has both?), why not visit?


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